EU:s Beating Cancer Plan

Euronpean comission loggo.
Euronpean comission loggo

Today, the EU commission presented their EU:s Beating Cancer Plan.

Here is a link to the plan and below you find a short summary.

Cancer is one of the Commission’s top health priorities. This is an EU-wide strategy for the prevention, treatment and care of cancer. This is a broad approach to tackling cancer, which includes everything the EU wants to do, including beyond research and funding.

Based on new technologies, research and innovation, the cancer plan will lay out a new approach to how cancer is treated and fought in Europe. The cancer plan is built around four main areas and a total of EUR 4 billion has been earmarked from the EU’s various funding instruments for actions in the field of cancer – including the new EU4Health health program, the Horizon Europe research program and the Digital Europe program.

The four main areas are:

  • Prevention through actions that address key risk factors, such as tobacco or harmful air pollutants.
  • Early detection of cancer by improving access to qualitative care as well as an increase in preventive screening measures for breast cancer, cervical cancer and colorectal cancer in the member countries. To achieve this goal, a new proposal for a plan for cancer screening will be presented.
  • Diagnostic and treatment through actions that ensure a more integrated and comprehensive cancer care that also addresses unequal access to quality care and medicines.
  • Improved quality of life for cancer patients, which includes rehabilitation and support in the event of a relapse. To achieve this goal, a new initiative “Better Life for Cancer Patient Initiative” will be presented with a focus on follow-up care.

Furthermore, a Knowledge Center on Cancer will be launched to support the coordination of cancer-related scientific and technological initiatives at EU level. A European Cancer Imaging initiative will also be built to support the development of new computer-aided tools to improve personalized care interventions and innovative solutions. 

Translation of a text from “Region Skånes Brysselkontor”

februari 3, 2021

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