On the art of leadership and communication in a multicultural academy

Welcome to a seminar on leadership and communication in a multicultural academy.

Last day to register: 22 May 2023. Sign up here

Research supervisors are expected to be able to recruit and supervise doctoral students and junior researchers academically. The role of a supervisor includes being able to lead professional and learning conversations both with junior co-workers individually and in groups. This is an important task which sometimes can be challenging, especially in a multicultural context. This seminar focuses on leadership and communication as tools in productive research supervision. During the seminar you will learn how you can understand your role as a supervisor in terms of leadership and how this varies with changes in disciplines and as academia changes. You will also learn about how to avoid bias in recruitment and conditions for how you as a supervisor can plan and lead professional conversations in a multicultural academy.

During this seminar you will meet:
Robert Holmberg, Department of Psychology at Lund University with expertise in organization and leadership.
Samantha Sinclair, Department of Psychology at Linnaeus University with expertise in how different types of biases play out in organizations.
Michael Smith, Department of Culture and Society, Linköping University with expertise in intercultural communication and the structures of professional discourse.

Coffee and tea will be served.

This event is part of the LU-wide initiative “Professionalisation of the supervisor role” for training of research supervisors. The seminar is for all research supervisors at Lund University, especially those with an interest in issues relating to leadership, recruitment, and intercultural communication.

april 21, 2023

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