LU Open Science Days 2023

Öppen grind till Lunds universitet
Öppen grind till Lunds universitet
LU Open Science Days

Why should we engage in Open Science and how? What are the benefits and challenges? Open Science is ascribed increased importance by multiple actors in the research community for facilitating dialogue between academia and society. It enables interdisciplinary research, enhances transparency and replicability, and ultimately strengthens the foundations of research integrity. Join us on 20 and 21 November at Palaestra for the inaugural event organised by the cross-faculty Open Science Champions group aimed at bringing together staff, faculty, and research students from across the university to engage in a dialogue about what the future of Open Science and Open Access should look like in Lund and beyond.

Sessions will address the LU approaches to educating scientists about open science, the principles we adhere to and the infrastructures we need and build in and around LU, as well as the ways Open Science practices are considered when we reach out to diverse stakeholders. It’s a two-day event to celebrate the essence of Open Science, share ideas and experiences, discuss the expectations from Lund University and explore the future of Open Science. And of course, there will be delicious food and beverages to enjoy while you mingle with your peers.

The programme committee invite all LU-affiliated researchers and PhD-students as well as support staff that work with research support to attend this free of charge lunch-to-lunch celebration of the principles and practices of Open Science, featuring inspiring speakers, interactive sessions, and lively discussions. Join us for an intellectually nourishing experience. Engage in brain-boosting discussions, savour delicious food for thought, and quench your thirst for knowledge with a side of beverages. Get ready to mingle, munch, and make connections that’ll last longer than your snack stash!


Visit the blog Open Science Notice Board for more information about LU’s work with open science, as well as details on the full conference programme.

september 28, 2023

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