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The work programme for European Innovation Council 2022 has finally been launched!

EIC aim to support from early stage cutting edge research to the scale-up of genuinely innovative SMEs. The work programme contains the calls for 2022 and the main structure remains since the last year with the paths of Pathfinder, Transition and Accelerator. Pathfinder and Transition are open for researchers but Accelerator is dedicated to start-ups and SMEs. See an overview of the EIC programme.

The EIC Pathfinder programme aim to fund research to achieve proof of principle and validate the scientific basis of breakthrough technologies, early stage development of future technologies (TRL 1-4). It supports the exploration of bold ideas for radically new technologies. It welcomes the high risk / high gain and interdisciplinary cutting edge science collaborations that underpin technological breakthroughs.

The EIC Pathfinder Open grant is up to EUR 3 million with deadline 3 May 2022 (link to call in EU F&T portal).

The EIC Pathfinder Challenge grant is up to EUR 4 million, deadline 19 Oct 2022 (not opened yet, call text in EIC Work programme). The Challenges for 2022 are: 1) Carbon dioxide and nitrogen management and valorisation; 2) Mid to long term and systems integrated energy storage; 3) Cardiogenomics; 4) Towards the Healthcare Continuum: technologies to support a radical shift from episodic to continuous healthcare; 5) DNA-based digital data storage; 6) Alternative approaches to Quantum Information Processing, Communication, and Sensing.

The EIC Transition programme fund projects which aim to validate and demonstrate technology in applied-relevant environment and develop market readiness (TRL 6-8). This funding is dedicated to results that have been produced in EIC Pathfinder, FET or ERC-PoC projects.

The EIC Transition Open grant is up to EUR 2.5 million, deadline 4 May and 28 Sept. 2022 (link to EIC Transition Open call in EU F&T portal).

The EIC Transition Challenge grant is up to EUR 2.5 million, deadline 4 May and 28 Sept. 2022 (link to Challenge calls in EU F&T portal). The Challenges for 2022 are: 1) Green digital devices for the future; 2) Process and system integration of clean energy technologies; 3) RNA-based therapies and diagnostics for complex or rare genetic diseases.

The work programme with all information regarding all the calls during 2022 can be found here.

Two examples of local planning grants

If you plan to coordinate a collaborative EIC Pathfinder proposal, please note that you now also can apply for the planning grant from Region Skåne.

At Lund University there is an internal planning grant for coordinators of collaborative EU-proposals, please contact Karin Langborger at Research Services: karin.langborger@fs.lu.se.

If you are a Lund University employee and have questions about, or plan to apply for, Horizon Europe, please get in touch with members of the Research Services EU-team.

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