Horizon Europe: Available support

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Research Services would love to help you prepare your application for EU funding. We can provide different kinds of support depending on what type of grant you are interested in. Below you can find the sorts of grant available in Horizon Europe, and what support you can expect for your application.

Research Grants for Individual Researchers

Within Horizon Europe, there are several grants for individual researchers in various career stages. Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) Postdoctoral Fellowships is an international mobility and career development grant for researchers who have defended their dissertations within the past 8 years, while the European Research Council (ERC) offers 5-year grants for young researchers (Starting Grants, 2-7 years after dissertation), more established researchers (Consolidator Grants, 7-12 years after dissertation) and well-established researchers (Advanced Grants).

MSCA and ERC have annual calls, and Research Services offers a comprehensive support package for applicants, in the form of both group activities and individual support. For faculty- and department-specific support, please contact your faculty/department.

Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions (MSCA) Postdoctoral Fellowships

An MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship application is written jointly by the supervisor and fellow. Research Services offers information seminars for all applicants, provides advice and answers questions throughout the application process. For applicants with Lund University as the host institution, Research Services organises annual workshops, provides templates and writing tips for the application, helps with analysis of evaluation protocols from previous applications, makes co-financing calculations, and reads draft applications.

In the case of a granted project, we offer support in the contract and implementation phase, including through a start-up meeting.


Anneli Wiklander (anneli.wiklander@fs.lu.se), Karin Langborger (karin.langborger@fs.lu.se) & Kerstin Gidlöf (kerstin.gidlof@fs.lu.se)

European Research Council (ERC)

Research Services provides support throughout the application process for researchers applying for all ERC grants with LU as the host institution, from information seminars and individual counseling, to workshops, training camps (for Starting Grant applications), and interview training. We provide advice and answer questions, help and analyse evaluation protocols from previous applications, provide budget support, and read draft applications.

We also manage the mandatory internal approval process, and provide the Commitment of Host letter required by the ERC. ERC applicants must therefore contact Research Services and inform us of your application plans, preferably as early as possible.

In the case of a granted project, we offer support in the contracting and implementation phases, including a start-up meeting with the Principal Investigator and local administrative support.


John Phillips (john.phillips@fs.lu.se) & Kerstin Gidlöf (kerstin.gidlof@fs.lu.se)

Collaborative projects

There are many opportunities for funding of collaborative projects through Horizon Europe, primarily through its thematic ‘clusters’, which fund Research and Innovation Actions, Innovation Actions, and Coordination and Support Actions. Additionally, there are also specific calls for collaborative projects from other parts of the programme, including MSCA Doctoral Networks, MSCA COFUND and Staff Exchanges, Pathfinder and Transition Grants from the European Innovation Council, and Synergy Grants from the European Research Council.

Research Services has extensive experience in aiding researchers applying for collaborative grants, and our support is open to all researchers at Lund. We tailor our support to fit your experience level and specific needs, and offer different services depending on your role in the proposal:


If you are coordinating a proposal for a collaborative project, Research Services can directly support you during the entire application process. In the planning phase, we can meet with you to discuss your plans for the application, the specific needs of the call, and help you structure the writing process. We can provide detailed templates for planning the application, gathering required information from your partners, and writing the proposal itself. We run regular workshops and information meetings on how to apply for EU funding, and would be happy to visit your department and present the opportunities in Horizon Europe for your own research environment.

During the writing process, we are always available to answer questions on both the specific call text and Horizon Europe in general. Our finance officers can create draft budgets according to EU templates, and answer any related questions you have. We can also provide written feedback on all sections of the proposal. Additionally, Research Services acts as a ‘hub’ for information related to EU applications, and can put you in contact with other departments at Lund when area-specific knowledge is required (such as legal or IPR advice).


Anna-Karin Wihlborg (anna-karin.wihlborg@fs.lu.se) & Rickard Eksten (rickard.eksten@fs.lu.se

If you are coordinating a collaborative project, you will also become eligible for internal funding in both the planning phase and (if successful) when the project is running. The grants are paid out in two forms – planning grants and coordination grants. Contact Karin Langborger (karin.langborger@fs.lu.se) at Research Services for more information.


If you are participating in a collaborative project proposal as a partner, the writing process will usually be led by the coordinator and supported by their host institution. In most cases, you will follow their instructions and provide information and input according to their timescales.

Research Services can support you by providing detailed information about Lund University as required, as well as helping to draft your portion of the common budget. Additionally, we are always available to answer any ad hoc questions that you may have about the application process or the call text itself. If you are new to EU funding, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss the general principles and common questions.


Anna-Karin Wihlborg (anna-karin.wihlborg@fs.lu.se) & Rickard Eksten (rickard.eksten@fs.lu.se

Successful proposals

If your proposal is successful, Research Services is here to support you through the granting and contracting process. We help with all successful applications, irrespective of your role in the project. We will coordinate the internal process, and ensure that you can provide all information that is requested in time. We also offer ‘start-up’ meetings at the start of your project to go through the rules, opportunities and expectations that an EU project entails.