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Deadline: 27 October 2021

 What is EIC Pathfinder Challenges

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The EIC Pathfinder Challenges aim to build on new, cutting-edge directions in science and technology to disrupt a field and a market or create new opportunities by realizing innovative technological solutions grounded in high-risk/high-gain research and development.

If you have an ambitious idea to realise the vision of a specific Pathfinder Challenge then this call may be for you. EIC is particularly interested in your ideas for new deep-tech technology that becomes possible thanks to cutting-edge science in an area of the specific challenge.

EIC is seeking new technological solutions at early stage of development that are new and disrupt the standard practice up to this point. You should apply if you have a potential project that would contribute to the specific objectives of the respective Challenge.

The project should aim to achieve the proof of principle and validate the scientific basis of breakthrough technology (TRL 1-4) Project outcomes must also include top-level scientific publications as well as an adequate formal protection of the generated intellectual property (IP).


    1. Awareness inside (Self-developing and aware artificial systems)

    2. Tools to measure & stimulate activity in brain tissue

    3. Emerging Technologies in Cell & Gene Therapy

    4. Novel routes to green hydrogen production

    5. Engineered living materials

Before you decide to apply, you are strongly encouraged to read the specific details for each Pathfinder Challenge

With each specific challenge call, the EIC will establish a portfolio of projects that explore different perspectives, competing approaches or complementary aspects of the Challenge. The complexity and high-risk nature of this research will require multidisciplinary collaborations. Dedicated EIC Program managers will oversee the specific EIC Pathfinder Challenges.

Who can apply?

  • Consortia that includes at least 2 independent legal entities from different countries (Member States or associated country whereof at least one established in a Member State) and or Single applicants, according to the challenge specifications

  • The legal entities may for example be universities, research organisations, SMEs, start-ups etc (in the case of single beneficiary projects, mid-caps and larger companies will not be permitted)


  • Grants of up to EUR 4 million (or more if properly justified)

  • The funding rate of this grant will be 100% of the eligible costs plus 25% overhead 

  • Funded projects may receive additional grants with fixed amounts of up to EUR 50,000 to undertake complementary activities to explore potential pathways to commercialisation or for portfolio activities


  • Deadline: 27 October 2021 at 17.00.00 Brussels local time

  • You must submit your proposal via the European Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal.

  • The Application Form for Pathfinder and Transition will have two parts: Part A contains administrative information and the summarised budget for the proposal. Part B (max 25 A4 pages) contains the technical description of the project and correspond to the evaluation criteria Excellence, Impact, and Quality and Efficiency of the Implementation.


  • Your proposal will first be evaluated and scored remotely by EIC expert evaluators

  • Proposals passing the first step will be further assessed by an EIC evaluation committee

Useful links:

Support at Lund University

 If you have questions, don´t hesitate to contact us at Research services. We are happy to answer questions regarding the call, discuss project idea and consortium, review budget as well as give feedback on draft proposal

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