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The Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions European Comission loggo.

Welcome to a Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND webinar on 31 March. 

  • The applicant can be a single legal entity in an EU Member State or a Horizon Europe Associated Country.
  • Additional partners are expected to be included in the project, to contribute with interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral opportunities.
  • All recruited doctoral or postdoctoral fellows must be recruited from another country.
  • The programme is open to all research fields.

Indicative deadline for the application: 8 February 2024

Aim: The webinar aims to give an overview of the programme and offer a possibility for the participants to ask and discuss strategic questions regarding the planning and writing of the proposal.

Participation: The webinar is open to all who have an interest in the MSCA COFUND programme. We encourage all researchers who are planning to apply to participate in the webinar.

Time & tool:  31 March 13:00 -14:00 via Zoom. The webinar will be held in English.

Speakers: Erik Litborn, Isabel Dellacasa Lindberg, Swedish National Contact Points

Host: Research Services, Lund University

Register to attend the webinar, no later than 30 March.

More information on MSCA COFUND on the EU Commission website

mars 16, 2023

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Excellensprogrammet för hållbar utveckling ger nio nya postdoktoranställningar

Två forskningsprojekt med sammanlagt nio postdoktorer får totalt 32,7 miljoner kronor i den andra omgången av Lunds universitets forskningsprogram för excellens med fokus på Agenda 2030 och hållbar utveckling.

Lunds universitet beslutade i mars 2021 att inrätta ett forskningsprogram för tvärvetenskapliga projekt med fokus på Agenda 2030 och hållbar utveckling och att avsätta sammanlagt 100 miljoner kronor för åren 2022–2025. Syftet med programmet är att universitetet ska skapa internationellt ledande miljöer som kan attrahera finansiering från kommande satsningar på hållbar utveckling. Det gäller både nationella anslag från satsningar i forskningspropositionen men särskilt från EU:s ramprogram Horisont Europa.

Projekten som beviljats anslag i den andra omgången är nedanstående. Totalt får de tillsammans 32,7 miljoner kronor under tre år.


Projektet samlar forskning från sex fakulteter vid Lunds universitet. Detta breda samarbete ska underlätta framtagandet av en plan för vattenpolicy med mål att lösa ohållbar vattenförbrukning. Denna plan ska kunna tillämpas på svensk såväl som global nivå. Säker och hållbar vattenförvaltning är ett globalt behov och en hörnsten inom FN:s hållbarhetsmål.

Sex postdoktorer från LTH, Juridiska fakulteten, Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten, Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten, Ekonomihögskolan och Humanistiska och teologiska fakulteterna ingår i projektet.

Huvudsökande: Kenneth M Persson, LTH

Medsökande: Britta Sjöstedt, J; Charlotte Sparrebom, N; Lea Fünfschilling, S; Jonas Nordström, EHL; Dan-Erik Andersson, HT

Circular Economy: Multi-level value chain and policy dynamics for accelerating sustainability transformations

Projektet ska undersöka skiftet från globala värdekedjor till cirkulära leveranskedjor, vilka är av stor vikt eftersom globala värdekedjor står för hälften av världens handel. Projektet kommer att belysa spänningar mellan linjära och cirkulära affärsmodeller, mellan toppstyrda företag och inkluderande lokala botten-uppinitiativ och mellan fokus på avreglering och på styrformer som tar miljö- och social hänsyn.

I projektet ingår tre postdoktorer från Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten, LTH och Ekonomihögskolan.

Huvudsökande: Markus Grillitsch, Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten

Medsökande: Fredrik Nilsson, S; Sylvia Schwaag Serger, EHL

mars 11, 2023

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Welcome to a seminar for PhD supervisors about ethics in research and supervision

Two women talking

As a researcher, it is a privilege to be able to delve into both theory and empirical evidence and freely define research aims and questions. This means great opportunities to develop and contribute to research but also comes with the responsibility to follow research ethics principles and good research practice.

In this seminar you will learn about the most important things about the ethical review process (why it exists and what it requires), how different legal frameworks and regulations relate to each other and what good research practice means. You will also learn what researchers need to know about ethics in the context of online research, which is becoming increasingly relevant. There will be three expert talks and ample time for you to ask question to the speakers.

Further information

The seminar will be held in English. It is part of the LU-wide initiative “Professionalisation of the supervisor role” for training of research supervisors.

Time: 28 mars 2023 14:15 to 16:30

Place: LUSEM/Lund University School of Economics and Management, EC1: The Crafoord hall. Coffee and tea will be served

SIGN UP HERE (Last day to sign up 22 March.)

mars 9, 2023

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Forskarutbildningsnämnden FUN


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MSCA Doctoral Networks webinar

The Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions European Comission loggo.

Welcome to an MSCA Doctoral Networks webinar on 24 March

Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions Doctoral Networks are projects implementing doctoral programmes by partnerships of universities, infrastructures, businesses etc. from different countries across Europe and beyond. These doctoral programmes will respond to well-identified needs in various research and innovation areas, expose the researchers to the academic and non-academic sectors, and offer research training, as well as transferable skills and competences relevant for innovation and long-term employability.

The PhD students must be recruited from another country (mobility rule). All research fields are eligible. EU funds salaries, research and training costs of the doctoral students for 36 months. The duration of the doctoral network programme is 48 months. The deadline for submitting proposals is 28 November 2023.

Aim: The webinar aims to give an overview of the programme and offer a possibility for the participants to ask and discuss strategic questions regarding the planning and writing of the proposal. The webinar will also provide you with contact information to the research support staff at the participating universities.

Participation: The webinar is open to all who have an interest in the MSCA Doctoral Networks programme. We encourage all researchers who are planning to apply, both as coordinators or partners, to participate in the webinar.

Time & tool:  24 March 13:00 -14:00 via Zoom. The webinar will be held in English.

Speakers: Erik Litborn, Isabel Dellacasa Lindberg, Swedish National Contact Points
Host: Research Services, Lund University

Register to attend the webinar, no later than 23 March

More information on MSCA DN on the Commission website


februari 21, 2023

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MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships webinar

The Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions European Comission loggo.

Welcome to a MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships webinar on 10 March

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Postdoctoral Fellowships are two-year fellowships for researchers holding a PhD and who wish to acquire new skills through advanced training, international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral mobility. Applications are made jointly by the researcher and the host institution, which can be situated in Europe or beyond. The fellow must be recruited from or to another country (mobility rule). Deadline for submitting proposals is 13 September 2023.

Aim: The webinar aims to give an overview of the programme and the planning and writing of the proposal. It will also provide you with contact information to the research support staff at the universities organising the webinar.

Participation: The webinar is open to all who have an interest in the MSCA Fellowship programme. We encourage all fellows planning to apply to participate in the webinar, both fellows who will apply with Lund University as host and their supervisors, and fellows who will apply for an MSCA fellowship elsewhere.

Time & tool: 10 March at 13:00 – 14:00 via Zoom. The webinar will be held in English.

Speakers: Isabel Dellacasa Lindberg, Erik Litborn, Swedish National Contact Points

Host: Research Services, Lund University

Register for the webinar, no later than 9 March

More information on MSCA PF on the Commission website

februari 21, 2023

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How to get EU funding for your innovative idea

European Innovation Council, Pathfinder

The funding program from the European Innovation Fund (EIC) provides funding for research and develop of emerging breakthrough technologies. The different funding instruments are dedicated to different levels of technological readiness (TRL) of the research and development – EIC Pathfinder (TRL 1-4) and EIC Transition (TRL 4-6). Learn more about how the European commission defines TRL definition.

Both Pathfinder and Transition includes Open calls as well as Challenges.
Open, indicates a bottom-up approach, meaning any field of science, technology or application without predefined thematic priorities are welcome to apply.
Challenges indicates a top-down, challenge-driven approach, which aim to support proposals within a predefined thematic area and addressing specific objectives.

Topics and deadlines/cut-offs (dates need to be confirmed by call opening)
EIC PATHFINDER OPEN deadline: 7 March 2023
EIC PATHFINDER CHALLENGES deadline: 18 October 2023
• Clean and efficient cooling
• Architecture, Engineering and Construction digitalisation for a novel triad of design, fabrication, and materials
• Precision nutrition
• Responsible electronics
• In-space solar energy harvesting for innovative space applications

EIC TRANSITION OPEN cut-off dates: 12/4 2023; 27/9 2023
EIC TRANSITION CHALLENGES cut-off dates: 12/4 2023; 27/9 2023

  • Full scale Micro-Nano-Bio devices for medical and medical research applications
  • Environmental intelligence
  • Chip-scale optical frequency combs

News: results from all projects funded under Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe, are eligible for EIC Transition Challenges.

Regarding the EIC Transition there are interesting news. A proposal to EIC Transition Open must build on results already achieved within an eligible project (e.g. EIC Pathfinder, H2020 FET-Open and Proactive), FET Flagships, ERC-PoC or EDF civil projects). The new thing is that results from all projects funded under Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe, can apply for EIC Transition Challenges.

More info and support
Read more about the EIC funding opportunities and contact Research services for more information about the specific program and challenges for 2023 (

Research services at Lund university offers guidance and support to your proposal. Please contact us for more information on the program, the support we offer, and available planning grants. 

december 21, 2022

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UK and Swiss Participation in Horizon Europe – Current state of play, and what it means for you

Höstfärg höstlöv palaestra

— Updated 20 December with information on the UK Financial Guarantee —

— Updated 6 December with information on the Swiss Financial Guarantee for 2023 —

United Kingdom

On 20 December 2022, the UK government announced an extension of their Horizon Europe financial safety net, extending their guarantee scheme to cover all Horizon Europe calls that close on or before 31 March 2023.

This scheme functions as a safety net for researchers based in the UK, allowing them to continue to apply to Horizon Europe calls during the ongoing negotiation process as the UK tries to formalize its association to the framework programme. In the event of continuing delays to in the association process, this scheme guarantees that eligible, successful applicants to Horizon Europe calls from the UK can receive the full value of their funding from the UK government.

While this scheme protects UK applicants, and helps them to participate in applications to Horizon Europe calls, it is important not to forget that the UK has currently not completed the association process. From the perspective of a researcher at Lund University, considering submitting a proposal together with a collaborator from the UK, you should keep in mind the following points:

  • Applications with UK partners are currently being assessed with the UK partner considered as a partner from an associated country.
  • However, if the UK has not completed its association process at the time of Grant Agreement Preparation (i.e. when you are informed that your proposal is successful), it will then be considered as a Third Country.
  • The eligibility of your proposal will then be re-assessed, and in the worst case, it could be found to be ineligible (depending on the rest of your consortium, and the specific requirements of the call). You could also be required to change the roles within your consortium in response to the change in status of your UK partner.

Research Services recommends that you do not submit a proposal whose eligibility is dependent on the UK associating to Horizon Europe. This will save you time and effort during Grant Agreement Preparation, and protect both you and your UK partners from the risk that the proposal may suddenly become ineligible.

We also advise caution when joining a proposal coordinated by a UK Host Institute. This makes the proposal especially vulnerable to the results of the UK’s association process, and we recommend discussing the situation in advance of application with us at Research Services. Beyond this, the UK government’s Horizon Europe guarantee scheme allows you and your UK partners to continue applying for European research grants in relative normality.

For further information, you can download guidance on the guarantee scheme from the UK Research and Innovation website, and the UK Research Office in Brussels maintains a helpful and concise factsheet on UK Participation in EU Programmes.


The situation is clearer for Swiss participation in Horizon Europe. Switzerland is a non-associated Third Country, and is counted as such for all eligibility considerations.

On 6 December, the Swiss government published the updated 2023 Financial Guarantee for Swiss participants in collaborative projects.

The Financial Guarantee covers funding for researchers and innovators based in Switzerland (including companies and SMEs) for their participation in eligible projects as associated partners from a non-associated third country. The funding will be directly paid by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) for all eligible 2023 calls of Horizon Europe and the Euratom programme. The funding is provided under the conditions that (i) the full project application is assessed as eligible for funding by the European Commission (EC) or by the agency commissioned for this purpose and (ii) the Swiss participant cannot request funding by the EC.

For further information, including an updated Q&A on Swiss participation in Horizon Europe and related programmes and initiatives, visit the website:

If you are looking for guidance or clarification on what any of this means for your specific research proposal, you are welcome to contact John Phillips ( at Research Services. 

december 20, 2022

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Information meetings for the 2023–2024 Horizon Europe topics

Horizon Europe

Finally, Horizon Europe Work Programmes for 2023–2024 released!

The Commission has FINALLY released final versions of the Horizon Europe Work Programmes for 2023-2024. These Work Programmes are catalogues of available funding over the next two years, and are an invaluable tool for planning your applications. You can find links to the Work Programmes, along with several fine quotes from the Commission, at the following link:

EU to invest €13.5 billion in research and innovation for 2023-2024


How do I find out more?

Given the release of the new Work Programmes, now is an excellent time to engage with collaborative research in Horizon Europe. To help you find the right topic, Research Services are arranging a full programme of digital information meetings at Lund. We have designed these meetings to give a concise overview of the key themes and novelties in each thematic cluster, and practical tips for using the relevant Work Programme. We aim to make these events welcoming to researchers just getting starting with EU funding, while providing useful technical details for those of you with more experience. You can sign up for these events at the links below:




Thematic Cluster

Registration link

Monday 23 January

15:00 – 15:45

Digital, Industry and Space

Cluster 4 registration

Tuesday 24 January

15:00 – 15:45

Culture, Creativity & Inclusive Society

Cluster 2 registration

Wednesday 25 January

15:00 – 15:45

Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture & Environment

Cluster 6 registration

Monday 30 January

15:00 – 15:45

Civil Security for Society

Cluster 3 registration

Tuesday 31 January

15:00 – 15:45

Climate, Energy & Mobility

Cluster 5 registration

Wednesday 1 February

15:00 – 15:45


Cluster 1 registration


Beyond our own events, we can also recommend some other upcoming information meetings:

  • The Commission runs a full programme of information events. While some of these events have been taking place over December, recordings of all events are made available after they have finished. These events tend to be packed full of detail: EC Information days
  • Region Skåne is offering 4 workshops focused on those clusters most relevant for Skåne’s smart specialisation areas: Health; Digital, Industry and Space; Climate, Energy and Mobility; and Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture & Environment. These events are in collaboration with Sweden’s National Contact Points for these clusters: Region Skåne information meetings (in Swedish)


On top of these meetings, you are always welcome to contact us directly at Research Services to discuss your specific interests and needs for your research. We look forward to discussing these upcoming funding opportunities with you!

Contact information for staff at Research Services – contact Anna-Karin Wihlborg, Anneli Wiklander, John Phillips, Kerstin Gidlöf or Rickard Eksten for help with EU funding.

december 14, 2022

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Financial support for writing your Horizon Europe application

Horizon Europe

There are a number of avenues available to you to receive funding and other support for the planning of your application to Horizon Europe.

Lund University provides both a planning grant and a coordination grant to researchers.

The planning grant funds up to 75 000 SEK to researchers at Lund University who are coordinating a collaborative proposal in Horizon Europe with a minimum of three participating organisations. It is awarded retrospectively after the proposal has been evaluated and can cover costs incurred during the application phase, such as travel and meeting costs. The grant presupposes that the researcher has been in contact with Research Services about their application during the application phase.

The coordination grant funds up to 200 000 SEK per year to researchers at Lund University who are coordinating a collaborative Horizon Europe project. The funds can be used to cover project costs not funded by the European Commission.

For further information about the planning and coordination grants, and to ensure whether your proposal is eligible for support, contact Karin Langborger ( or Carl Lagerqvist (


There are also planning grants available from other Swedish organisations, for various parts of the programme and various target groups. This information is generally available in Swedish.



Typ av stöd




Mer information


Förhandsgranskning av ansökningar inom hållbar industri

Hållbar industri, för sökande till kluster 4, 5 och 6


31 dec 2023 (löpande)

Förhandsgranskning av ansökningar



Svensk akademi, m.fl. som planerar att delta i en internationell ansökan inom området hälsa eller inom matsystem.

200 000 – 300 000 SEK

Öppnas inom kort

Förberedelseprojekt för internationell ansökan inom hälsa och mat



Hållbar industri

300 000 – 500 000 SEK

31 maj 2023

Planeringsprojekt inom Hållbar industri 2023



Sökande inom kluster 3 – Civil säkerhet för samhället

50 000 för partner

150 000 för koordinator

Löpande ansökan och beviljande under vårtermin

Horisont Europa på MSBs webbplats

Stiftelsen för Strategisk Forskning


Forskare inom naturvetenskap, teknik eller medicin som ansöker om rollen som projektkoordinator till HEU pelare 2 projekt under 2023-2024

500 000 SEK


SSF: EU Horisont Europa ansökningsstöd 2023

Region Skåne


Små och medelstora företag (SME)

Icke-vinstdrivande organisationer

Från Skåne

Max 100 000 SEK

Löpande med uppehåll under sommar och julhelger

Planeringsbidrag för fler skånska ansökningar till Horisont Europa




november 30, 2022

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MSCA4Ukraine – a new call for fellowships to displaced Ukrainian researchers


— — — Update: the call closes on 25 November — — —

Due to a large response, more than 400 applications towards the cut-off date of November 11, and the high likelihood that funding will be committed on the basis of applications received by the first cut-off date, the MSCA4Ukraine portal will close on Friday 25 November at midnight CET until further notice.

Please note that any applications received after the first cut-off date and before 25 November will only be evaluated if funding remains after the selection of applications received by the first cut-off date of 11 November. In the unlikely case that there is still funding available after the first two rounds of evaluation, the portal will reopen for new applications in early 2023.



The mobility programme Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions has opened a new call to allow displaced postdoctoral researchers and doctoral candidates in, or from Ukraine, to apply for fellowships to continue their work at academic and non-academic organisations in EU Member States and Associated Countries. The duration of the fellowships is between 6 and 24 months.  The scheme may also facilitate researchers’ reintegration in Ukraine if conditions for safe return are met. The fellowships are open to all disciplines of research and innovation.  

Short summary of the programme requirements: 


Ukrainian nationals, or stateless persons, or nationals from third countries other than Ukraine, with their primary residence in Ukraine on 24 February 2022. They could either have been displaced on or after 24 February 2022 or are ready to relocate from Ukraine.

Are postdoctoral researchers in possession of a doctoral degree by the time the fellowship is set to begin, or doctoral candidates, enrolled in a doctoral programme at a higher education institution in Ukraine.

Have the language skills required to successfully conduct their research activities at the envisaged host organization

Host organisations: academic or non-academic organisations in any EU Member State or Horizon Europe Associated Country.

Applications: must be submitted by prospective host organisations

Duration:  a minimum of 6 months, up to a maximum of 24 months.

EU contribution: Fellowship rates will be in line with Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Doctoral Networks and MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships.


From October 24 – The call is open for submissions via an online portal, which you find here:

Cut-off dates: The portal will remain open for applications until 25 November 2022. Fellowships will be offered starting in January 2023.

More information:


Welcome to contact Lund University Research Services for more information and help:

Kerstin Gidlöf, Karin Langborger, Anneli Wiklander

november 22, 2022

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Get funding from SSF to write an EU application

Stiftelsen för Strategisk Forskning

The call is open to researchers in natural science, technology or medicine employed at Swedish universities and research institutes who intend to apply for Horizon Europe projects in the role of project coordinator for collaborative projects within HEU Pillar 2 “Global Challenges & European Industrial Competitiveness” during 2023-2024.

Selected projects will be awarded grants of a maximum of SEK 500,000. The grants are to be used exclusively for covering costs for salaries, travel, and consultants in direct connection to the preparation of an HEU application.

Please note the deadline: 1 March 2022 kl 14:00

Further information and application documentation is available on the SSF website

In addition, if you have identified calls that are of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us at Research Services. We can help you with call intelligence as well as other useful information.


november 21, 2022

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European Research Council: Support events for Advanced Grants 2023

European Research Council

Workshop, 14 December

Research Services invites you to an ERC Advanced Grants workshop on 14 December via Zoom. The workshop is run by Yellow Research and will provide you with an in-depth overview and practical information on the ERC Advanced Grants scheme, as well as deeper understanding of the proposal format and the key issues relating to planning and writing a proposal. The workshop is open for those planning to apply for an ERC Advanced Grant in the upcoming 2023 call as well as those interested in applying for an ERC grant further on.

Date: December 14, 2022, 9:00 – 12:30
Location: Zoom
Register via this link (by 7 December)


Individual consultations 18-19 January

Opportunities for individual consultations with the Yellow Research consultant will be offered in January. These consultations are for researchers who are planning to apply for an ERC Advanced Grant in the 2023 call, with Lund University as their host institution. You will have the opportunity to discuss your CV and project idea with the consultant, to help you develop your idea into a successful ERC proposal. In order to receive an individual consultation, you should request one using the registration link above, and then must submit a short project synopsis, CV and track record (2 pages each, in total max 6 pages) no later than 11 January at 12.00. Submission details will follow when your consultation is confirmed.

The consultations will be held on January 18 and 19 over Zoom. You will have the opportunity to book a time on these dates with the consultant directly.

Please note that spaces are limited. If necessary, we will prioritize researchers who have not previously received an individual consultation.


Preliminary deadline for ERC Advanced Grants call 2023: 23 May 2023

For more information about the call see: Advanced Grant | ERC (


Best regards,
Kerstin Gidlöf & John Phillips
Research Services


november 16, 2022

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