Contact Research Services

Research Services offer help and support to researchers, research teams, administrators and University and Research Board organisations on issues involving external research funding and Doctoral education. Research Services have special responsibility for EU framework programme for research and innovation, American federal funding and certain Swedish funding bodies.

Find us in “The Spark”, at Medicon Village, Scheeletorget 1, 4th floor.

     Interim Björn Fagerström – Head of Department
Tel: +46-46-222 12 74

     Nils-Olof Jönsson – Coordinator of research funding
Tel +46-46-222 12 7

Research Funding Support

American Federal Funding Bodies (US), read further on Staff pages.
EU framework programme (EU), read further on Staff pages.
Swedish Funding Bodies (SE), read further on Staff pages.

     Anneli Wiklander – Research Funding Advisor (EU/US)
Tel: +46-46-222 77 71
  EU framework programme, MSCA and collaborative projects. American federal funds.

     Anna-Karin Wihlborg – Research Funding Advisor (EU/US)
Tel: +46-46-222 62 2
  EU framework programme, EIC and collaborative projects. American federal funds.

     Johanna Mellgren – Research Funding Advisor (SE)
Tel:+46 730 68 36 98
  Swedish funding bodies, Wallenberg foundations, nomination applications, secretary for the working group on local research infrastructure.

     John Phillips – Research Funding Advisor (EU)
Tel. +46 730 67 01 04
  EU framework programme, ERC, EIC research infrastructure and collaborative projects.

  Kerstin Gidlöf – Research Funding Advisor (EU)
Tel:+46 -46-222 30 95
  EU framework programme, EIC and collaborative projects.

  Malin Bredenberg – Research Funding Advisor (SE) 
Tel: +46-46-222 71 28
  Swedish funding bodies. Currently on parental leave.

  Sam Madjidian – Research Funding Advisor (SE)

  Swedish funding bodies, Wallenberg foundations, nomination applications.

    Sara Naurin – Research Funding Advisor (SE)
Tel: +46-46-222 03 0
  Swedish funding bodies and Wallenberg foundations.

     Rickard Eksten – Research Funding Advisor (EU)
Tel: +46-46-222 77 65
  EU framework programme, collaborative projects, EIC and widening & ERA

     Karin Langborger – Financial advisor and project administration (EU/US)
Tel: +46-46-222 31 0
  Project budgets, accounting and revision, general financial topics and questions regarding the EC-portal, Funding & tender opportunities Portal.

     Carl Lagerqvist – Financial advisor and project administration (SE/US/EU)
Tel: +46-46-222 93 99
  Project budgets, accounting and revision, financial questions on Swedish, EU and American funders.

Supporting Strategic Research and Post-graduate Education

     Cecilia Gagné – Policy Officer
Tel: +46-46-222 30 32
  Questions regarding postgraduate education, Coordinator and contact to LERU collaborations at Lund University.

  Jörgen Persson – Contract registrar 
Tel: +46-46-222 62 26
  Registration of funding contracts

     Karolina Widell – System manager, project manager
Tel: +46-46-222 45 46
  System administrator for LUCRIS (LU’s research information system and Research portal and Scival (library tool).

     Magnus Edblad – Research infrastructure and research strategy advisor
Tel: +46-46-222 03 49
  Support in research strategy and research infrastructure

     Maria Moskovko – Research strategy advisor
  Support in research strategy, specifically in areas related to quality assurance.

     Pernille Andersson – Doctoral education advisor
Tel: +46-46-222 69 7
  Questions regarding postgraduate education, Secretary of the Postgraduate Education Board, Administrative support to the Board for Strategic Research Areas (SRA-college).

     Tina Trollås – Research strategy advisor
Tel: +46-46-222 77 45
  Support in research strategy, Secretary to the university-wide Research Board, Strategic Research Areas (SRAs).